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Brasiliana: A Slice of Brazilian Flavors in Atlanta

From Dream to Reality - A Journey of Passion and Determination

At Brasiliana, our story began in 2020 when Thiago and Nicollie left everything behind in Orlando and embarked on a daring adventure. With a dream in their hearts and little money in their pockets, they arrived in Atlanta, a city unknown to them, to bring the taste of authentic Brazilian pizza to the United States.

Starting from scratch, they tirelessly built everything themselves – from the kitchen and menu to the brand, social media presence, recipes, and processes. Their dedication knew no bounds.

With an homage to the rich Italo-Brazilian influence on their culture and cuisine, they chose the name Brasiliana.

Their dream? To deliver high-quality Brazilian pizza to every state in America. And it was in Georgia that they took their first steps toward that dream. Pioneering the concept of a Ghost Kitchen, they embraced an efficient system of delivery and pickup.

The Power of Dreams: A Culinary Adventure by Thiago and Nicollie

From Orlando to Atlanta: Leaving Comfort Behind for a Passionate Pursuit

In 2020, Thiago and Nicollie made a bold decision to leave behind their lives in Orlando and embark on an extraordinary culinary adventure. Driven by their shared love for Brazilian cuisine, they set their sights on Atlanta, Georgia, with nothing but a dream in their hearts.

Thiago, an entrepreneur from birth, brought a wealth of experience from working in various roles within his family's business in Brazil. When he arrived in America in 2016, he took on diverse jobs, including selling desserts to restaurants, working as a waiter, delivery driver, tapioca maker, passenger transfer service, and even serving as an assistant manager and general manager. He played a pivotal role in revamping a local pizzeria and successfully establishing a second location for the brand.

Nicollie, a talented actress and dancer, made her mark on Brazilian television, appearing on popular shows like Programa do Silvio Santos and Domingão do Faustão. She is also a successful entrepreneur, having founded the first Brazilian character company in the United States, which continues to thrive under her leadership.

Their paths converged in Atlanta, where they embarked on their shared vision of creating a pizzeria that would capture the essence of Brazil. With their commitment, resilience, and a deep love for their craft, Thiago and Nicollie built Brasiliana Pizzaria from the ground up, meticulously crafting every aspect of the business to deliver an unparalleled dining experience.

Their journey has been fueled by passion, determination, and a belief in the power of dreams. They invite you to join them on this extraordinary culinary adventure as they bring the flavors of Brazil to your table. Let their story inspire you to chase your own dreams and savor the delicious fruits of their labor at Brasiliana Pizzaria.

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