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Brazilian Pizza, Portuguesa with Ham, Eggs, Onions, Olives.

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Welcome to Brasiliana Pizza, where we bring the authentic taste of Brazil to the vibrant city of Atlanta. With unique toppings, a long fermentation dough, and even dessert pizzas, Brazilian pizza will conquer the whole city. We take pride in crafting delicious and unforgettable pizzas that will transport you straight to Brazil.

Grafismo Cinza Brasiliana Pizza
Brazilian Pizza with Chicken, Corn, Bacon and Catupiry. 2 Hands is grabbing a slice
Brazilian Pizza, Calabresa Sausage with Onions.
Pizza with Caramelized Onions, truffle Oil, Gorgonzola, arugula and Alfredo Sauce.
Nutella Pizza with Strawberry
Grafismo Verde Brasiliana Pizza
Pizza with Prosciutto, Arugula and Shaved Parmesan Cheese

Brazilian Pizza


Pizza is not just a dish in Brazil, it's a cultural icon that has been embraced by the country for decades. With its roots traced back to Italian immigrants who brought their culinary traditions to Brazil in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, pizza has since become an integral part of the Brazilian food scene.

In São Paulo, the largest city in Brazil, pizza has reached a level of excellence that has made it renowned worldwide. It's not just about the quality of the ingredients used, but also the creativity of the toppings and the diversity of flavors that make São Paulo's pizza scene unique.

born to shine!


Featured in Atlanta's Top Magazines

At Brasiliana, we take pride in bringing the flavors and traditions of Italian-Brazilian cuisine to Atlanta. It's not just about making great pizza - it's about showcasing the unique cultural heritage that inspires us every day.

We are thrilled to have been featured in some of Atlanta's top magazines, which is a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation. Our pizzas have been praised for their bold and delicious flavors, and we are honored to be a part of the vibrant food scene in this amazing city.

But it's not just about the recognition - it's about the passion we bring to every pizza we make. Our mission is to share the taste of Italian-Brazilian cuisine with everyone.

So come and experience the flavors and culture of Brazil with us, and taste why Brasiliana was born to shine!

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Our Menu

A taste of Brazil in every bite:


Background Brazilian Pizza, Nutella and Brigadeiro Pizza


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